November Wrap-Up

December 04, 2017

November Wrap-Up

I still haven’t figured out how time is passing so fast, but alas, here we are, and November pretty much flew away! Which means it’s time for a wrap-up. Somehow surprisingly I hadn’t realized just how many books I finished last month, I guess I just wasn’t as concerned with finishing all I wanted to read like back in October, but even then, I think I managed a decent amount anyway.

The Forest of a Thousand Lanterns / Julie C Dao
I absolutely love this book, it’s just great. A re-imagining of the Evil Queen’s origin story set in an Asian inspired fantasy world. The story was great, the characterization too, and the writing style beautiful. One of my favourite books to date.

Wonder Woman Warbringer / Leigh Bardugo
Alright, I’ll say very fast (like ripping a band-aid off) I didn’t like this book very much! Don’t get me wrong, I love almost every fantasy work by Leigh Bardugo, but the setting and the characters of this one just didn’t appeal to me like in Six of Crows for example. There are good parts too, but at least for me the epic quotes just weren’t enough this time around.

Bunheads / Sophie Flack
I came across this book by pure coincidence and I can’t be gladder I did. There are not many real portrayals of ballet in media nowadays, most of them favour drama over facts; having that in mind, this book was such a fresh breeze for me, it describes ballet in such a personal way, it was more than enough to win a place in my heart.

The Thousandth Floor / Katharine McGee
Ahh, my guilty pleasure! To be honest, I only picked this book up because someone told me it was a bit like Gossip Girl, and now I guess that’s the most accurate description I’ve come across, it’s GG but on the future. The setting is very unique, the writing style not so much, but it’s still addicting as hell.

Prince of Shadows / Rachel Caine
I’m honestly not a die-hard fan of Romeo and Juliet and I think that was a plus when it came to how much I enjoyed this book. It’s the same old story about two lovers in far Verona but told from the perspective of Benvolio. It explores a different side of the classic characters and it’s absolutely wonderful.

The Dazzling Heights / Katharine McGee
I don’t think I should like this as much as I do, neither the characters nor the writing style have much merits but there’s something just… so addicting about it. Against all odds I’m eagerly awaiting the third book.

And that's all for November, I'm so close to finish my Reading Challenge for this year thanks to my reading spree of this last few months, I'm pretty sure Ill tackle it on the next days. What about you? How many books did you read last month?

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  1. I've almost finished Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (I have a couple pages left) and I have to agree, it is amazing!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book of the series! And ha my friend was just talking about Prince of Shadows, and now that I've heard two positive endorsements in such a short span of time I have to give it a go!

    1. I'm waiting for the sequel too! I might pre-order it even, I just thought the writing was beautiful and the ending perfect. Please try Prince of Shadows too, you won't be disappointed.